A. Flores Series Cigar: Product Review


The A. Flores Series Cigar has been on the market since the 70s and this has meant, it has established quite the track record for itself as time has gone on. Does this mean, it is the best cigar on the market right now? No, however this is one of those cigars that is always going to be around and ... Read More »

Review Of Camacho Cigars


Camacho Cigars was established by Simon Camacho in the year of 1961. The company is based in Danli, Honduras, and the company specializes in high quality handmade cigars. The brand has been receiving raving reviews and testimonials from its users around the world. The product is being rated highly on many online forums and discussion boards too. This article provides ... Read More »

Review Of The A. Flores Series Cigars


Smoking a cigar is a great way to relax and show off some elegance in your selection of smoking. However, you will quickly find the selection of available cigars is immense and it can overwhelm you with how many choices are available to make. This is when you often will turn to the Internet or the cigar shop employees to ... Read More »

The Best Dessert Cigars Currently on Market!!


Only few pleasurable moments can be compared to the pleasure derived from smoking a quality cigar after a sumptuous meal. In essence, it is paramount to note that the plethora of cigars out there have been crafted for varying functions. These quality cigars that satisfy your taste buds after meals are commonly referred to as dessert cigars and are known ... Read More »

What You Should Know About La Aurora Cigars


When you start to research the many different cigar companies that are in business today, it is quite overwhelming. There are so many businesses that are producing quality cigars, it’s really hard to know where to start. You might want to try different ones from multiple companies, but depending upon the price, you might not be able to afford a ... Read More »

Will Cuban Cigars Soon Be Legal To Buy In The U.S.?


Very recently the torn relationship between Cuba and America has finally began to heal. Decades of embargoes and other restrictions have finally began to lift. It is notable that all the years of bad relations did not seem to do much to improve things. But good relations and trade may well do the trick. For cigars lovers this is very ... Read More »

A King of Smokes: The Salomone Cigar


Cigars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some cigars are rolled into what is called a figurado shape. These cigars are not rolled straight like the majority of cigars with which you may be familiar. Instead, the have an irregular shape, with differing diameters, known in the cigar world as ring gauges, through the cigar. There are several ... Read More »

Joyetech eGrip VW Kit Reviewed


The Joyetech eGrip VW Kit  is the very first offering from this company with a built-in atomizer. The main features are the clear liquid window to allow users to see the supply, the regulation ring that adjusts 360 degrees to completely control the power, and the ability to adjust airflow with an adjustable screw. Retailing at just under $70.00, this quality ... Read More »

Is the World Health Organization Being Unfair To Those Who Vape?


Vape is the new word of the year and was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It was given the meaning “to inhale or exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.” Given the popularity of this activity, statistically most everyone in the country (excluding Amish and such) has seen someone vapeing on an electronic cigarette ... Read More »